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随着交通运输业越来越由技术驱动, great efforts are being undertaken towards sustainability. Global passenger demand is on the rise both in mature and emerging markets, 那里的人口越来越富裕,流动性越来越强. 在货物运输方面, 中国贸易关系, North America, and the European Free 贸易 Association (EFTA) are forecast to drive up traffic demand over the coming years. While cargo aircraft are often used to transport mail, animals, and dangerous items, bulk products are typically carried by railways, 卡车, and ships. In the logistics industry, intermodal freight traffic is the most common choice to move consumer goods, as freight that is shipped in containers can easily be moved interchangeably by 卡车, railroads, and containerships.

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Industry Definition

The transport and logistics category provides information on passenger and freight transport. 就航空运输而言, 有关于客运和货物运输的数据, 以及该行业的主要航空公司的信息. Statista also provides data on water transportation, including container ship operators and major ports. Statistics on land transportation include information on motor vehicles, public transportation, and mobility services. Also available within this section is information about the leading car manufacturers and brands.

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